Shivam Cement Dividend History is Only Cash Until Now for Investors

Shivam Cement Dividend History

This article is all about Shivam Cement Dividend History up to the recent year.

Looking at the Shivam Cements dividend history, it is only a cash dividend distributed to the investors until now.

The shareholders of Shivam Cements Limited never got bonus dividends before.

Shivam Cement is one of the stocks listed in Nepal Stock Exchnge and traded in Nepal's stock market.

Shivam Cement is included in the Manufacturing and Processing sub-index of Nepse for the training of it's shares. 

Here you can see the dividend history of Shivam Cement Limited.

Shivam Cement Dividend History

Fiscal Year   Bonus %  Cash %   Total 

About Shivam Cements Limited

In 2003, Shivam Cement was established. The largest manufacturing Greenfield project in Nepal, it started commercial production in 2011. 

From the company's own limestone quarries, 3000 TPD cement and 1900 TPD clinker are now produced.

In order to give its customers and stakeholders the opportunity to be a part of the firm, Shivam Cement Private Limited was transformed into a public limited company in 2015.

When Shivam Cement Company was founded, its goal was to supply high-quality OPC cement to the Nepalese market, which was relying on cement imported from India.

Shivam Cement Company took the initiative to investigate Nepalese limestone for manufacturing high-quality cement in Nepal, starting with OPC 43 Grade Cement and later expanding to OPC 53 Grade Cement.

The work of Shivam Cement has helped Nepal produce cement of high quality and cut down on cement imports, both of which have been hugely beneficial to the country's economy.

It quickly established itself as the market leader and was regarded as Nepal's most promising and rapidly expanding firm.

The Shivam Cements Limited Manufacturing Facilities are located in Hetauda, a major industrial area that has had considerable infrastructure growth over the years.

Shivam Cement is one of the biggest cement producing facilities in Nepal because of significant investments in capital, human resources, production methods, infrastructure, etc.

The highest strength is provided by the high-grade lime component in Shivam cement, which is made possible by access to self-owned superior quality limestone reserves.

Low alkali, magnesia, and chloride levels are further characteristics of this limestone, all of which are very desirable characteristics for concrete durability.

The company's state-of-the-art cement grinding technology at the factory uses well-known European standards from Germany and Denmark to achieve controlled cement particle size distribution and fineness.

Siemens, FLSMIDTH, ABB, and M/s Thyssen-Krupp industries Ltd. created and supplied every piece of plant machinery that SHIVM's business uses.

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