Best Share to Buy in Nepal in 2023

Investing in the stock market can be a great way to grow your wealth over the long term, but choosing the best share to buy in Nepal is also challenging.

When it comes to choosing the best share to buy in Nepal in 2023, there are several factors to consider. These include the financial performance of the company, its growth prospects, and overall market conditions. 

Best Share to Buy in Nepal in 2023

One more thing you must understand is that the best share to buy in Nepal in a particular year may not be the best share to buy in other years.

The status of best stock in Nepal may be different from year to year based on the different fundamental indicators.

To choose the best share to buy in Nepal, you must see and do the analysis regularly especially in every 3 months of fiscal year. It means you have to analyze the company’s performance regularly.

You can analyze the quarterly reports of each company and see the changes in different fundamental indicators.

There is a mandatory provision that each company listed in Nepal Stock Market should publish their progress reports on a quarterly basis. According to the Nepalese calendar, the fiscal year period starts from the start of Shrawan month to the end of Asar month next year. The fiscal year starting and ending period lies in around of Mid-June.

How you can choose the best share to buy in Nepal depends on your expectation against the various fundamental indicators.

To invest and choose the best share to buy in Nepal, some people see the particular indicators and some people see the more than one indicators at the same time.

Therefore, you have to decide which of the factors you want to see to choose the best share to buy in Nepal. The general idea is to see at least 3 factors or indicators in selecting the best share. For example, you can see EPS, RoE, PE Ratio.

One common thing is that I always want to see at least one factor which is Earning Per Share – EPS and then only I include other factors.

Here is presented the list of stocks which are known as the best share to buy on the bases of different factors. Top 3 best share on the basis of highest value from each sector are presented here.

This is according to the latest report which is the 2nd quarter of 2023.

Best Share to Buy in Nepal With Highest Earning Perr Share - EPS

Top 25 stocks which has more than NPR 15 EPS are presented here. If you want to choose the best share to buy with highest EPS, you can choose from the lists.

S.N         Stock Symbol                       EPS -TTM

1              UNL                                      1889.79

2              BNT                                      511.52

3              BNL                                      390.25

4              RBCL                                    140.34

5              NESDO                                88.15

6              NLO                                      66.63

7              JBLB                                     62.37

8              SWBBL                                 54.68

9              NMFBS                                 54.04

10            MLBSL                                  52.32

11             NTC                                      48.54

12             FOWAD                                48.44

13             NICA                                     46.67

14             SKBBL                                  41.57

15             SCB                                      31.14

16             EBL                                       30.8

17             MEN                                      27.47

18             NICL                                      25.41

19             CIT                                         23.8

20             NABIL                                    22.95

21             MNBBL                                 21.71

22             MBL                                      21.21

23             NMB                                      21.18

24             GBBL                                     20.59

25             NBL                                        20.55

26             MLBL                                     19.46

27             UHEWA                                 18.54

28             RURU                                    17.63

29             LBBL                                     17.29

30             SHINE                                   16.95

31             SAHAS                                  16.77

32             GFCL                                     16.52

33             SHPC                                    16.13

34             GUFL                                    16.12

35             TRH                                      15.66 

Best Share to Buy in Nepal based on Return on Equity – RoE

Stocks which has more than 14% of Return on Equity (trailing twelve months) is presented here. Higher return on equity stocks can be analyzed as the best share. 

S.N         Stock Symbol                     Return on Equity (ROETTM)

1              UNL                                       52%

2              SHL                                        29%

3              NESDO                                  27%

4              MLBSL                                   27%

5              JBLB                                      25%

6              NMFBS                                  23%

7              SWBBL                                  22%

8              NICA                                      21%

9              BNT                                       19%

10           FOWAD                                  19%

11           SKBBL                                    19%

12           MEN                                       18%

13           MNBBL                                   17%

14           UHEWA                                   17%

15           SCB                                         16%

16           GBBL                                       16%

17           NIL                                           16%

18           BNL                                         15%

19           EBL                                         15%

20           NICL                                        15%

21           MBL                                         15%

22           NMB                                        15%

23           RURU                                     15%

24           CIT                                          14%

25           NABIL                                      14% 

Best Share to Buy in Nepal based on PB Ratio

Stocks which Price to Book Value is less than 3 times are presented here. PB ration presented here is based on the price of stocks as of the end of March 2023.

S.N         Stock Symbol                                     PB Ratio

1              NLO                                                    0.32

2              BNL                                                     0.78

3              NBL                                                     1.09

4              MBL                                                    1.48

5              NMB                                                   1.55

6              NTC                                                    1.58

7              HIDCL                                                 1.84

8              SHPC                                                  1.87

9              LBBL                                                    1.94

10           NIFRA                                                   2.01

11           MLBL                                                     2.04

12           EBL                                                        2.25

13           BFC                                                       2.38

14           SHINE                                                   2.39

15           GMFIL                                                   2.39

16           CFCL                                                     2.46

17           SCB                                                       2.61

18           GBBL                                                     2.61

19           GFCL                                                     2.62

20           GUFL                                                     2.65

21           SJLIC                                                     2.68

22           NICA                                                      2.81

23           NICL                                                      2.85

24           OHL                                                       2.91

25           NLG                                                       2.95

26           MNBBL                                                  2.96

Best Share to Buy in Nepal based on PE Ratio

 Price to Earning Ratio is one of the important factors we need to see during the selection of the best shares. If PE ration is low, that stock can be taken as a good stock to buy. 

S.N.        Stock Symbol                                     PETTM

1              NLO                                                       3.7

2              BNL                                                        5.7

3              MBL                                                       10.5

4              NMB                                                      10.9

5              UNL                                                       11.1

6              NBL                                                        12.7

7              SWBBL                                                  14.1

8              NICA                                                      14.7

9              MLBL                                                     16

10            EBL                                                         16.1

11            SCB                                                        16.4

12            NTC                                                        16.7

13            GBBL                                                      17.3

14            MNBBL                                                    18.4

15            LBBL                                                       19

16            SHINE                                                     19.2

17           SKBBL                                                     19.5

18           SHPC                                                       19.8

Other Factors to See in Choosing the Best Share to Buy

When we talk about the best share to buy, we need to see the other important factors or indicators as well. Following are some of the other important factors we need to see. 

Reserve and Surplus

When a company has adequate reserve funds and surplus, that company might be at low risk. We need to see the reserve and surplus of any company is maintained and increasing year to year. 

Dividend and Consistency

When a company earns means there is a higher chance that the shareholders get dividends. When a company has been distributing dividends continuously and consistently, that company can be analyzed as a strong company.

It is better to check the dividend history of any stocks if we want to choose the best share to buy. If a company is seen as capable of distributing dividends to the shareholders continuously and consistently, the share of the company can be analyzed as the best share to buy. 

In conclusion, some of the major indicators we must see before choosing the best share to buy. EPS is the major indicator we must see. Along with EPS other indicators as mentioned previously should also be seen. 

It is important to note that investing in the stock market carries risks and investors should always do their own research before making any decisions. Additionally, it's important to have a diversified portfolio of investments and to consult with a financial advisor before making any investment decisions.

If you also like to see the best finance company to invest in Nepal, please check this. 

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