Mero Share in Detail

Mero Share in Detail

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But if you want to learn about Mero Share in detail, you can read the following precise details about Mero Share

You will get very short and sweet information about Mero Share application. 

About Mero Share

Mero Share is an online portal of Central Depository System and Clearing Ltd (CDSC) which provides the details of share transactions. 

This mero share online portal is developed and managed by CDSC, an authorised company in Nepal for central depository. Mero Share online portal is available in website and mobile app. 

Mero share is used for share transactions with Demat of shares. Mero share is developed to make ease of share deposit and transfer. 

After developing online portal of mero share, people are in access of share market. Mero Share online portal has make ease to apply for ipo share from the smart phone as well. 

Mero share application is especially for managing and dematerializing of shares. It is a kind of basket where people can put shares and transfer shares to others. 

Is Mero Share Application Available in Smart Phones?

Mero share application can be downloaded from Play Store in android smartphones. Mero share application in android phone has made people to access in share market easily. 

But mero share applicaiton was not available in iPhone previously means the application was not developed for iOS. But now, mero share application is also available for iPhone in the App store. 

If someone wants to enter in to the share market, he needs to have mero share account. After getting Mero share login credentials, someone needs to have access to the share market. 

Mero share application is made for the transactions of shares. Mero share is the platform of depositing shares. Mero share is not the platform to do share trading. 

For share trading, a trade management system (tms) has been developed by Nepal Stock Exchange. 

From the mero share web portal or an application, you can buy initial public offerings (IPO). 

You can apply for primary shares online from home. Mero share is used to apply for ordinary shares, mutual funds, and debentures. 

If you want to download mero share application in your smart phone, you have to go to play store. In play store, you search mero share and install it. 

Bank account should be linked in mero share. From the linked account in mero share, your payment is pulled to buy stocks after applying for stocks. 

How Can We Open Mero Share Account?

Mero share account is opened either through bank or capital company of banks. You need to fill up the form for mero share account and demat account opening. When you apply for mero share account opening, it takes some time to be approved and getting mero share id and password. 

Mero share user id and password is provided in your email provided during filling up form. When you get mero share ID and password, you need to change password of your own. And then you need to set 4 digits transaction pin. 

When you get mero share account information which is DP ID and Password, the bank provides CRN number. CRN number is must to have for applying of IPOs. When you get CRN number, you can now apply for IPOs. 

After getting your user ID and Password of mero share, you need to deposit or dematerealize the share certificate if you have hard copy cirtificate. In most of the cases now, allotted shares are deposited automatically in your mero share account. 

Is It Necessary to Renew Mero Share?

You have to renew the Mero Share annually by paying a charge of Rs. 50. Along with the mero share, you also have to renew Demat account by paying a charge of Rs 100. These charges are for a year. 

To access the Mero Share account you need to have Depository Participant (DP) ID and Password. DP ID should be of 16 digits. In 16 digits DP, the first 5 digits are DP and the last 8 digits are your user name. Remaining 000s in the middle part is null digits. 

When you open Mero Share web portal or a Mero Share application, you have to select Depository Participants (DP) which is capital company of bank. And input your  8 digit user ID then input your password. When you click on login, you will be in your mero share account. 

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