How to Apply for IPO in Nepal?

How to Apply for IPO in Nepal?

Are you excited to know how to apply for IPO in Nepal? You are at the right place to know in detail about how to apply ipo online in Nepal.

This article is all about to apply for ipo in Nepal.  Here is the process to apply for ipo in Nepal. You can easily apply ipo online in Nepal. 

Before to know clearly how to apply ipo online Nepal, let us understand the IPO share, apply procedure. 

If a company want to grow the business with the fund support from public, that company issue an offer to the public. 

If a company offer to the public to invest in the company for the first time is called Initial Public Offering, which in short is called IPO. 

When a company opens IPO shares to the public, people should apply for IPO by indicating how much units they want to buy. 

To apply or to buy IPO share of a company, there is some systematic procedures in Nepal. The process of applying for IPO is mentioned here step by step. 

Bank Account Opening  

Before to go to apply IPO, you need to open a bank account in any one of the banks. 

Demat Account Opening: 

Once you open the bank account, now you have to open a Demat account. 

You can open demat account through the same bank in which you have opened bank account. 

Most of all banks have their capital company to do dematerialization works. 

Mero Share Account Opening:  

Application, Download Meroshare application in your smart phone. Not in iPhone. Use User ID and password which you received from CDSC. 

Change the password of your own to operate mero share application. User ID will be your Demat account number. 

After that you need to set four digit transaction PIN. 

Be careful that you have remembered your password and transaction PIN. 

If you think you cannot remember mero share user ID, Password and Transaction password, it will be better to write in your notebook. 

Make sure that the mero share password and transaction PIN you have noted in your notebook is safe and confidential. 

Linking your bank account with Demat Account

All previous 3 step works can be done through one bank now a days.

Banks do all those 3 tasks at the same time. But it takes some time to complete all the tasks if you do not want to visit capital company of bank. 

If you visit capital company of bank for opening your demat and mero share account, the task completes in few days. 

When you complete bank account opening, opening demat and mero share account, you can go for applying of IPO. 

Deposit the amount in your bank account which is linked with your mero share account

You have to deposit the amount in your bank account which is linked with mero share. This deposit is very necessary to apply for IPO in Nepal. Balance should be there in the linked account. 

Now, you have to follow the following steps to apply IPO online in Nepal.

When you want to apply for IPO online, you need to login to your mero share account. If you are using mobile application, open the downloaded mero share application. 

Enter the User ID that is your Demat account number and the password. 

If you are using mobile application, you will see the dashboard of Mero Share application. 

The dashboard looks like blank. Nevertheless, there is three dash lines in the left top corner and the blank profile picture in right corner. 

You need to click on that 3 dash lines to enter into the main menus. 

If you are using PC, you have to enter into the web address of CDS and Clearing Limited. By entering the CDSC's website, you will see the front interface. 

The CDSC's website is

There is the blank areas in the interface to enter User ID and Password. 

You will see dashboard with menus in the left corner. 

Now, you have to go to My ASBA menu and click on the menu. 

Once you click on My ASBA menu, you will see sub menus. 

Among four Sub Menus, you have to go to ‘Apply for Issue’ sub menu. 

When you visit ‘Apply for Issue’ sub menu, you will see the lists of opened IPOs of companies. 

Among the IPO lists of companies, you choose for which of those IPO you want to apply. 

Once you choose the IPO of company from the list, you click on 'Apply' button at the right side after the IPO list. 

When you click on 'Apply' button, a form will be opened with the information about the IPO you have selected. 

Now, you need to fill up the blank areas which are required to be filled up. 

There, you have to choose Bank account and enter the account number. 

In Kitta section, you need to enter number for how many units of shares you want to apply for. 

Make sure that there is enough deposit amount in your bank account required for the units (Kitta) of shares you want to apply. 

Now, enter your CRN number which you got from your bank. 

Once you finish the filling up of required information, tick on the box ahead of declaration statement which starts with 'I hereby declare ...' . 

Then click on 'Apply' button. 

When you click on 'Apply' button, you will asked to enter your transaction PIN which is of four digits. Once you enter your four digit transaction PIN, click on 'Apply' button again. 

When you click on 'Apply' button, a pup up message 'your application submission successful' will be appeared at the button of left side. If the successful message is shown, your application process for IPO online is done. 

After your application, verification process will be done from Bank end in 1 to 2 days. 

When the bank verifies whether the information you entered is correct and there is enough amount in your bank account or not, there will display either 'Verified' or 'Not Verified' in status section. 

If there is information displayed 'Verified' in status section after a day, your IPO application will be gone to the allotment process. 

If there is the information displayed 'Unverified' in status section, you need to understand that your application is disqualified to go further in the IPO allotment process. 

There may be some reasons behind 'Unverified' of your application. 

Some of the major reasons are either you do not have enough balance in your bank account to apply for IPO or you have entered wrong information. 

If unverified is showing in the status section, you need to check whether the information is correct and the balance in the bank account is enough. 

You make sure of all these things and apply again for IPO from the beginning as mentioned previously. 

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